So let's not say too much tonight

Kategori: Allmänt

They may take everything from you
the may take your time to think things through.
They tell you everything that you want to hear
until you tell them, what they say is true.
And that's when the darkness comes to you loneliness
and you given voice sound so meaningless.
That's when they give you mouth such an eloquence,
that you think you sound just like your heroes.
But don't give them your soul

I've got those same five walls,
stare at the ceiling trying to transcend it all.
that's when your doubt creeps in, tells you to break your wings,
tells you you need not try, because you're afraid to fall.
But don't give them your soul

I may hurt you
Darling I might leave
I might absentmindedly mistreat you.
But at the end of it all
I only want one thing
I just want you to be you

Man sliter ut sig för att räcka till men når ändå aldrig enda fram.


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